Le Mans driver breaks his back in testing crash + other seat news

Suddently there were big changes to the Le Mans entry list today.

The driver of Larbre Competition, Paolo Ruberti, broke his back today in a testing accident at Hockenheim. He suffered a compound fracture to a lumbar vertebrae, and needs a surgery tomorrow. But nothing too serious and he will fully recover. At the time he was working as a driver coach and the other driver ended up on the hospital too, but again nothing too serious.

Larbre Competition Photo: JJ Media
Larbre Competition
Photo: JJ Media

That means that Larbre Competition and Jack Laconte have to find a new 3rd driver for the car. It’s still to early to tell who will drive the car, but several drivers have been through the team over the years.

G-Drive Racing Photo: JJ Media
G-Drive Racing
Photo: JJ Media

On the same day, G-Drive Racing announced that Nathananel Berthon will no longer drive for the team, without mentioning the real reason. At Le Mans we will see Will Stevens replace him. His normal car, Manor Racing number 45, doesn’t have an entry for the big race, since the team only entered this car long time after the Le Mans entry date. He will be back at Manor after the Le Mans race again.

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