ORECA changes brake supplier

ORECA has chosen to change their brake supplier on their ORECA 05 LMP2 cars that compete in both FIA WEC and ELMS plus at the Rebellion R-One LMP1 that is also build by ORECA.

Throughout the season there has been quite a few dramatic brake failures. Often it was on the Manor Racing #44 but after Rebellion and Signatech Alpine experiened similar problems at Le Mans and G-Drive Racing got problems in Mexico, the French manufacturer has decided to change from Brembo to AP Racing. Brembo has been a partner of ORECA through many seasons, so it is a big step.

Manor Racing Photo: JJ Media
Manor Racing
Photo: JJ Media

AP Racing will supply brakes for all cars build by ORECA for the rest of the year. Originally ORECA had chosen Brembo to supply brakes for their new 2017 ORECA 07 LMP2 car, but if that choice stands or will be a change to AP Racing isn’t know yet.

We will already see the new choice of brake this weekend at the FIA WEC race at Austin.

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