Kevin Eriksson wins in Buxtehude – Mattias Ekström Champion

It was a big, Swedish day at the FIA World Rallycross Championship Round 11 that was held at Estering in Buxtehude, Germany.

Kevin Eriksson won today’s round after a fantastic manouvre, going around the entire field in turn one in the final. While there was a big traffic jam on the inside lane, he just went flat out on the outside and passed everyone, and never looked back.

Kevin Eriksson Photo: JJ Media
Kevin Eriksson
Photo: JJ Media

Petter Solberg finished 2nd ahead of Andreas Bakkerud. Bakkerud had to have a checkup by the medical team since he inhaled some fumes during the final. After getting his breath back, he was quickly back at the team again.

However, it was another Swede that was the big winner today. Mattias Ekström won the World Title after scoring enough points in the final, making it impossible for the others to catch him at the final Round in one month’s time. He did all he had to do to secure the title.

Mattias Ekström Photo: JJ Media
Mattias Ekström
Photo: JJ Media

There is still a big fight between Petter Solberg, Johan Kristoffersson, Andreas Bakkerud and the outsider Sebastien Loeb for the remaining medals.

The finale round of this years championship will be held on November 25th-27th in Argentina.

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