Premat and Reip new Electric GT drivers

Alexandre Premat and Wolfgang Reip are the 16th and 17th drivers to be announced by Electric GT Championship.

The 34 year old Frenchman Premat has tons of experience in motorsport. He grew up doing karting against Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, whom he later beat at the Formula 3 in Macau. He was helping Team France winning the A1 GP title in 2005/06 and was test driver for Spyker in Formula 1. Since then he was hired by Audi Sport, where he drove their Le Mans prototypes, and later on DTM. In 2012 he went to Australia where he and done V8 Supercar among other series “down-under”.

Alexandre Premat and Wolfgang Reip.
Graphic: Electric GT Championship

Wolfgang Reip is a bit of an unusual 30 year-old Belgian racing driver. In 2012 he participated in GT Academy, that was held by Nissan and PlayStation where all the participants were selected via the Gran Turismo on PlayStation. He won the competition among many other competitors from all over the world. His carrier really took off as a works driver for Nissan. In 2014 he participated at Le Mans with the Nisson ZEOD RC car. He was the first driver to do a full lap on pure electricity. In 2015 he was winning the 12 Hours of Bathurst in a Nissan GT-R GT3 car, where he later claimed the Blancpain Endurance Series in Europe in the same car model. Shortly after winning that Championship, he got a cold bucket of water in his head, when Nissan fired almost all their drivers. Fortunately Bentley chose him for their Blancpain programme, where he claimed a good 3rd place in the Championship in 2016.

So now there are only three seats left in Electric GT Championship – who will get those seats?

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