Scuderia Corsa ready with their Le Mans line-up

Scuderia Corsa has their Le Mans driver line-up ready.

The team won both the GTE-Am class at Le Mans 2016 and the IMSA GTD Championship in USA. This year they will enter two cars in the French classic.

In car number 62 we have last years winners Townsend Bell and Bill Sweedler pairing up with Cooper MacNeil.

In car 65 we have the GTD Champions Christina Nielsen and Alessandro Balzan, with Bret Curtis as the third member.

Photo: Scuderia Corsa, Roberto Viva

Christina Nielsen had her first start in the race in 2016 for Formula Racing, but this year it will be with her regular team

“It will be great to return to Le Mans with Scuderia Corsa,” stated Nielsen. “This event is unlike any other, and one that any driver wants to win. Luckily this is the best organization I could be with, and our last year together has been incredible. The professionalism, quality of work, and talent on all levels is unmatched, and now that I’ve already experienced the event, I want to go to win.”

It will be exciting to see how the two American Italian cars will do at Le Mans against 14 other GTE-Am class cars.

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