Prodrive building Renault Megane for WorldRX

Prodrive will build a brand new FIA World Rallycross Championship car.

The big British racing car manufacturer has made a deal with Guerlain Chicherit to create a Supercar based on a Renault Megane IV.

The real car will be presented at the French round of WorldRX at Loheac on September 1st 2017. The car will be thourughly tested througout the fall 2017, before it will enter real events from 2018 onwards.

It will have a purpose built 2 liter turbocharged engine, which will be built by Prodrive too.

Renault Megane RX by Prodrive
Graphic: Prodrive

Guerlain Chicheritis a former skier but has been interested in motorsport for many years. He has participated in Dakar Rally and won the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup. He has had several starts in WorldRX during 2015 and 2016, where he showed good speed.

Chicherit will be doing selected rounds in 2017 in a different car, to keep himself warm in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. He has previously entered in a Mini Countryman in Rallycross trim.

Prodrive is also known as constructor of the Subaru World Rally Championship cars, where they won several World Championships. Apart from that, they are currently running the Aston Martin Racing programme in FIA World Endurance Championship. Prodrive has been flirting with Formula 1, where they helped out at the BAR Honda team from 2001-2004. Since then their name has been mentioned surrounding Formula 1, but they haven’t had their own name on a car yet. They are, however, delivering technology for other teams.

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