Radio Le Mans expands to VLN

The well-known radio station Radio Le Mans (RLM) expands to cover the full VLN series in 2017

Radio Show Limited, who is behind RLM, already covers a lot of racing all over the world. A lot of people know them as the English language commentary at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, but that’s actually just a small part of their broadcast programme.

RLM has covered the 24 Hours of Nürburgring since 2007, which has its background in the VLN series, without being a part of the actual championship, but just with a lot of the teams competing in both. There is a demand that the teams in N24 qualify their cars and drivers through the VLN series. So they are a big part of the N24 race.

The race will be streamed on the internet in both sound and vision, and in addition to RLM’s English language commentary, the German language commentators will also continue, just like in previous years.

Photo: VLN

RLM hasn’t announced their commentary team yet, but at the opening round next weekend we will have at least John Hindhaugh behind the microphone. He is one of the guys who has covered the N24 race since 2007, alongside Graham Goodwin and others. Hindhaugh and Goodwin are also known from the FIA WEC, where they provide the English commentary on that series official video stream.

RLM have more than ten commentators as part of their team, and simultaneously broadcast from up to three different locations across the world. As this story is being written they have a commentary team in Italy at Mugello and in the USA at Sebring, where they will cover two different 12 hour races.

Each Wednesday evening at 21.00 CET they broadcast a two-hour programme, where they go through all the motorsport news from all over the world – often with a funny angle and typical British humour. But RLM is a series radio station, who works with a lot of the big teams from the whole world, who give them permissions for exclusive news and live streams.

The VLN series starts on Saturday March 25th.

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