Weather played a big part in the opening race

The weather played a big part when BOSS GP had their opening round at Hockenheim.

Just as the warm-up lap started, rain started to fall, which gave chaos with several crashes.

When the race was finally started, it only lasted until turn 1 before Klaas Zwart crashed his Jaguar R5 Formula 1 car from 2004. That send the Safety Car back on track.

So when the race was finally started, there was only time for a few laps before the 12 minutes had passed.

Winner of race 1 was last years Championship, Ingo Gerstl in a Toro Rosso STR1 from 2005 while Phil Stratford was the only other Open participant finishing the race in second in his Benetton B197.

Veronika Cicha, Dallara GP2
Photo: BOSS GP

In the Formula class we had Andreas Fiedler winning the race in front of Johann Ledermair, with both racing GP2 cars. In third we had Mahaveer Raghunathan in an AutoGP car.

Sunday’s race was less chaotic so it turned out to be 25 minutes great racing. In the Open class we had Ingo Gerstl winning again ahead of Phil Stratford while Wolfgang Jaksch came home third in a Super Aguri SA06.

Johann Ledermair won the Formula class by a big margin to Florian Schnitzenbaumer, likewise in a GP2 car, ahead of Mahaveer Raghunathan.

The next time that BOSS GP is back on track will be in a month’s time, when the Jumbo Race Days are run at Zandvoort on May 20th-21st.

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