Surprising results at Zandvoort

Surprising events happened at Zandvoort, when BOSS GP had their second round of this years Championship on May 20th-21st.

It wasn’t an Open driver but a Formula participant who ran away with the overall wins.

Johann Ledermair in a GP2 car won heat 1 ahead of the Open driver Rinus van Kalmthout, who runs a modified GP2 Evo, which in theory should be faster.

Mahaveer Raghunathan finished second in the Formula class in his AutoGP car ahead of Salvatore de Plano in a GP2 car.

It was a pure family battle in the Open class with the father of Rinus, Marijn van Kalmthout, claiming second in a Benetton B197 Formula 1 car from 1997.

BOSS GP, Zandvoort
Photo: BOSS GP

Sunday’s race was sadly a sad affair in the Open class. Technical problems and an accident denied both father and son from finishing the race.

Instead we saw Johann Ledermair take the third victory of the season, with Mahaveer Raghunathan second and Salvatore de Plano in third. However, there were less than four seconds between them, so they couldn’t relax before the chequered flag.

In the Championship standings we still have Ingo Gerstl leading the Open class ahead of Phil Stratford, while Rinus and Marijn van Kalmthout are in the next positions.

It is no surprise that the Formula class is lead by Johann Ledermair followed by Mahaveer Raghunathan and Salvatore De Plano.

The next round of BOSS GP will be run at Paul Ricard on June 10th-11th.

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