Virtual 24 hours race in Le Mans

There won’t be one but two 24 hour races in Le Mans on June 17th-18th this year.

The real race on the 13,629 kilometres long circuit won’t be the only one, as there will be a virtual 24 hours race, too.

The race is a collaboration between Porsche, Microsoft and ACO, and will be run on the Forza Motorsport 6 platform.

Screenshot: Forza Racing Championship (Forza RC) Season 3: The Porsche Cup
Graphics: Porsche Motorsport

There will be drivers from all over the world, who will qualify through the Forza Racing Championship (Forza RC) Season 3: The Porsche Cup. Qualification is open until May 28th, so you have to get in front of the screen now, if you wanna join the competition. The chosen drivers will compete in virtual Porsche 919 Hybrid cars.

The virtual race will be run parallel with the race 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the winners of this race will be honoured on the official podium too, like all the real racing stars will be.

The race will be streamed on three different platforms, where you can follow the race from anywhere in the world.

Beam (
Twitch (
YouTube (

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