Jordan Taylor: Maybe they complain about me and get rid of me

Jordan Taylor is back at Le Mans again this year, and once again with Corvette Racing. Le Mans has been a returning race for the Taylor family, with Jordan and Ricky’s dad, Wayne, also racing at Le Mans for many years and winning the event overall in 1996, 19 years later, Jordan claimed victory in the GTE Pro category driving a Corvette.

That brings up a natural question – will we see a Wayne Taylor Racing effort at Le Mans, with the two brothers racing together?

“Yeah, I think it will be nice. Le Mans is very special to my dad. He always loved racing here, and now that he has a team, I think he would love to bring the team here as well. I know all the engineers and mechanics wants to go. Unfortunately the car doesn’t fit in to the rules at the moment. But hopefully somewhere down the road,  we will be able to bring Cadillac back to Le Mans. I don’t know when it will be, but a lot of people pushing in that direction. It will be great to come here with a family operation. We have obviously had a lot of success in America. but it will be nice to bring that to a world stage as well.”

Jordan Taylor
Photo: JJ Media

Jordan Taylor first started at Corvette Racing in their GTLM/GTE programme partnering up with Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia in the #3/#63 car, but then changed over to the #4/#64 car with Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin for the last two seasons. This year he is back in the #63, so how is it jumping forth and back?

“It’s pretty similar. Every debrief we do, is all 6 drivers going to the same meeting, talking about the car. The biggest difference is the seating position, because Jan and Antonio is obviously a lot shorter – Olli and Tommy are quite big, so the seating position is different, so maybe I will feel more comfortable in one than the other. They make it easy for me. Set-up wise the cars and driving style are quite similar between the two cars. It hasn’t been an issue. It is odd jumping from one to the other. Maybe they complain about me and get rid of me, and then they got me back, but it’s been good so far,” he says with a big laugh.

Corvette Racing #63
Photo: JJ Media

This year’s race is going to be run in hot conditions, so driver cooling is important, but Corvette has a solution for that.

“We have an air-conditioning. We need that in our class. It’s mandated what temperature that you need to have in the car. We have a helmet blower and then a cockpit AC.”

Jordan Taylor will share the #63 Corvette Racing with Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia, while his brother, Ricky, will drive with Keating Motorsports #43 in LMP2.

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