Special time table for Norisring

It will be a somewhat untraditional schedule for the DTM weekend at Norisring.

The Saturday race will be run on 13.25 while the Sunday race will be run at 17.20.

The nontraditional times are because of the German host broadcaster ARD has exclusive rights for DTM in Germany, and therefore partly ruling over the schedule for the weekend.

Nico Müller, Audi R5 DTM
Photo: JJ Media

ARD will also cover Tour De France this weekend, which by the way starts in Germany, but that is nothing unusual for the Norisring, since they normally run two very late afternoon races. But this Saturday there will be a memorial for Helmut Kohl, which is held during the late afternoon, where the DTM race was originally planned.

So now the DTM field will have a very busy Saturday morning and midday, where they have to run 30 minutes of practice, 20 minutes of qualifying and 55 minutes of racing, in only a few hours. On the other hand, the teams and drivers have plenty of time Saturday afternoon to get ready for the Sunday race.

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