Mike Rockenfeller with foot injury

Mike Rockenfeller injured a bone in his foot in an accident at Norisring, Sunday.

The former German DTM Champion was involved in an accident, where Gary Paffett hit the Audi Sport driver square on, into the door.

The car itself stood up to the crash, but Rocky banged his foot so much that the fifth metatarsal bone cracked.

“There was nothing I could do. I was already inside the turn. There was a huge impact. I’m happy that our cars are so safe. But, unfortunately, I have a midfoot fracture. Maybe it’s not so bad. I hope to be racing again in Moscow,” Rocky said after the accident.

There isn’t any news about how long the injury will take to heal, but it’s naturally an issue that it’s his left food, since he uses that one to brake.

Mike Rockenfeller, Audi Sport R5 DTM
Photo: JJ Media

A possible replacement could be Markus Winkelhock, since he is the most obvious choice. He has knowledge from DTM, even though it’s quite a few seasons ago. Alternatively it could be one of their GT drivers like Connor Di Phillippi, Christopher Haase, or Christopher Mies. But they don’t have any knowledge from DTM racing, so it would be a big challenge for them. But Audi Sport doesn’t have anything official to say yet, about the duration of the injury, and whether Rocky will be ready or not.

The next DTM race will be run in only three weeks’ time in Russia, so let’s hope that Rocky’s foot heals up fast.

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