Toyota protest on Porsche rejected

Toyota Gazoo Racing put down a protest on both Porsche #1 and #2 at last weekends round of the FIA WEC at Nürburgring.

The protest from Toyota was regarding personnel touching the car during refueling.

The protest, however, was rejected, since the FIA WEC sporting regulations allow teams to clean the mirrors during refuelling, just like it is allowed to clean the wind shield, because it is about safety.

Porsche #1
Photo: JJ Media

Porsche doesn’t have the traditional wing mirrors, but they are integrated into the bodywork (right above the number plate, on the side of the car) – just like Audi did with their car in 2016. This solution might have made somebody at Toyota thinking that Porsche was cleaning dirt out of the sidepods, which isn’t allowed.

The protest was handled right after the race at Nürburgring, and was rejected 45 minutes after the flag. The time of the protest is not noted, so it’s not clear if it was during the race, or right after the flag, that Toyota put down the protest.

The next battle of the two manufacturers – on the track – will be on September 1st-3rd in Mexico.

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