Compete against Sebastien Buemi in Formula E VR driving experience

Virtually Live has launched a Formula E related VR driving experience, giving visitors of the Red Bull Media World at ‘Verkehrshaus der Schweiz’, in Lucerne (Switzerland) the chance to compete against Formula E driver Sébastien Buemi.

Virtually Live has used last season’s Paris ePrix race track and created an exciting VR driving competition that can be experienced in the Red Bull Media World in Lucerne (Switzerland) until 31st January 2018. Visitors will have over 2 laps to beat Renault eDams driver Sébastien Buemi’s fastest time at last Season’s Paris ePrix, by driving in VR using Virtually Live’s proprietary technology.

“The level of detail and realism in the ‘Virtually Live Driving Experience’ is incredible. This is a really innovative experience, which allows me to engage with my fans, at the same time as giving them the experience of driving my Formula E car in VR around the Paris ePrix track,” said Buemi.

Renault eDams driver Sébastien Buemi trying to beat his fastest time from last season’s race in the VR Version of the Paris ePrix Photo: Virtually Live

Fans unable to visit the exhibition, can nevertheless download the Virtually Live Formula E VR App on the relevant VR App Stores, and experience Season 3 ePrixs in immersive VR with complete freedom of movement, where they can go anywhere on the track during the ePrixs; including the perspective from inside any driver’s car, but also have the chance to drive and set their own lap time.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Red Bull Media World to provide the visitors of Verkehrshaus der Schweiz with a cutting edge VR driving experience. Virtually Live has been recreating Formula E ePrixs live in immersive VR by ingesting the live telemetry from the drivers’ cars. This has enabled us to give fans a unique opportunity to compete in VR against Sébastien Buemi’s fastest lap at last Season’s Paris ePrix. We look forward to seeing who comes out on top early next year,” explained Oliver Weingarten, Director of Motorsport at Virtually Live.

Virtually Live, an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment platform for live events, has partnered with the FIA Formula E Championship to recreate races live in VR to enable fans to participate in the race as if they would be attending in person.

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