Laziness can be expensive

People often try to take the easiest route through life, but some times it can be expensive, if you take a bit too creative short cut.

That was certainly a lesson learned for M.Racing – YMR #18 driver Romano Ricci, when he was caught on a motorbike, when he was having a look at the Spa Francorchamps track on Thursday.

Normally drivers walk or use their bicycles around the track, to check the braking points, curbs etc etc, but Ricci went for a motorbike as his way of transportation.

Romano Ricci
Photo: JJ Media

The length of the track and not the least the height difference is most likely the reasons why he did it – but the Race Stewards didn’t care. It’s against the rules to use anything but your own feet or a bicycle for the track walk.

So he started out the weekend with a 250 Euro fine – but does that really matter, when you have your own fragrance brand in his home country, France?

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