Renault terminates Formula E programme – replaced by Nissan

Renault Group has announced that Renault will terminate their Formula E programme at the end of the upcoming 2017/18 season.

The team will be replaced by the sister brand Nissan, who will take their place in the series.

There are no current informations regarding the e.dams part of Renault e.dams, but only one week ago, DAMS announced that they would shut down their GP3 programme after this season. So that could hint at a bigger focus on on their Formula E part. The most clever thing for Nissan would be to continue on the knowledge and the work that Renault e.dams have collected through the first 4 seasons of the Formula E series.

Nicolas Prost, Renault e.Dams, Renault Z.E 17
Photo: Sam Bloxham/LAT/Formula E

Sebastien Buemi should be a shoe-in with the new team. He has been a constant frontrunner during the first three seasons, so it would be a big capacity to drop. There is a bigger question mark surrounding Nico Prost. Nico’s dad, Alain Prost, is the representative from Renault in the team, so there is the possibility, that if you lose one, you lose both. So far, Nico has been the perfect number two in the team, claiming enough points for Renault e.dams to win the Teams Championship for the last two seasons. But with that said, he hasn’t been pushing Buemi on the lap times. Nissan have a lost of drivers in their programme, so they might likely put one of those into the other seat.

But there are still about 12 months until the start of Season 5, so Nissan have quite good time to decide.

Season four starts in Hong Kong on 2 December.

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