Kaltenborn starts new Formula 4 team

When the ADAC Formula 4 and Italian Formula 4 seasons start in about two months’ time, there will be a brand new team on the starting grid.

The now former Sauber Formula 1 team boss Monisha Kaltenborn has started the new team KDC Racing together with Emily Di Comberti.

The team will be based in Montmelo, in the industrial park right next to Circuit de Catalunya. That will give the team the perfect opportunities to test with the young talents ahead of their debut and develop them during the season.

The team will consist of people with experience from Formula 2, GP3 and World Series Formula V8 3.5 among others, and with the almost 20 years of Formula 1 experience on Kaltenborn’s side, there will be plenty of knowledge from the motorsport world inside the team.

Graphics: KDC Racing

The team hasn’t officially named any drivers, but there is a great likelihood to see at least one female driver on the team. Kaltenborn is a former member of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commision, that is trying to get more women into motorsport, so she is probably trying to help with that, if the right driver shows up.

KDC (Kaltenborn Di Comberti) Racing hasn’t announced the number of cars that they are going to run. Some ADAC Formula 4 teams are just 1-car teams, so that is a possibility, even though it would be much to have at least two cars on the track, so the drivers can mirror each other, and the team will have the double amount of data for setup work.

The ADAC Formula 4 season starts with collective test days in Oschersleben on 26-28 March, before the season officially kicks off on 13-15 April at the same circuit.

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