Aust with a complete team

Aust Motorsport has got all the drivers signed for the upcoming ADAC GT Masters season.

Frederic Vervisch and Nikolaj Rogivue were announced just over one month ago, and now the team is ready to present Remo Lips and Maximilian Hackländer in the other car.

Remo Lips have been driving for the MRS GT-Racing team in their Nissan GT-R GT3 for the last few seasons. He has passed 100 starts in the ADAC GT Masters, so he is very experienced by now. On top of that, he won the Trophy Championship for the last two seasons, which is for the non-professional drivers.

Aust Motorsport
Photo: Gruppe C

Maximilian Hackländer drove for the RWT team in their Corvette last year, so the change to an Audi R8 LMS GT3 will also be something brand new for him.

Aust Motorsport has only claimed one victory in the ADAC GT Masters so far, but with two brand new driver pairings, they hope to be able to claim a lot more trophies this year.

The ADAC GT Masters will start out with two test- and media days on 26-27 March, before the season starts for real on 14-15 April in Oschersleben.

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