Callaway Competition with two new drivers

Callaway Competition will enter with two new drivers, when the ADAC GT Masters season starts in three weeks’ time.

But there will be a very well know face driving the car during most of the season too.

But how is that possible, you might ask.

Well, Marvin Kirchhöfer is new driver to the team, and will be driving the blue Corvette C7 GT3-R throughout the full season. Daniel Keilwitz will be racing with Kirchhöfer in five out of the seven events, while Frank Kechele will replace Keilwitz at the Oschersleben and Most rounds due to date clashes.

Kirchhöfer drove for the Mercedes-AMG Team HTP Motorsport during the ADAC GT Masters 2017 season, but their musical chairs have left him without a seat with them, so he opted to go to Callaway Competition instead.

Callaway Competition C7 GT3-R
Photo: Gruppe C Photography

31 year-old Frank Kechele has driven several season in the ADAC GT Masters, and drove for Callaway Competition back in 2012.

Callaway Competition won both the Teams and Driver Championship in 2017 with Jules Gounon, who according to plan should had driven with Daniel Keilwitz throughout the full season. Keilwitz was unlucky to break his leg at a test at Spa Francorhamps, so he had to be replaced by several different drivers during the season. So Gounon was the lone Champion – but with Keilwitz finishing second.

Jules Gounon has got a contract with Bentley in their International GT3 programme, so he can no longer run in the ADAC GT Masters.

The team will, thanks to winning the Championship in 2017, be running with number 1 on their car.

The ADAC GT Masters 2018 will have their first collective tests in the coming week at Oschersleben.

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