Electric GT still rumbles on

The Electric GT series appeared on the horizon late 2016, but after sending out a lot of press releases and driver announcements, it all went very quiet.

But a small hint of life has appeared from them.

The race series planes to run two sprint races each weekend, where a modified Tesla P100D will be used.

The latest report is for the series to start at Jerez in Spain on 3-4 November 2018, with 9 more venues to follow during 2019.

The series has had quite varying reports coming out, with the Tesla P85D being the first car announced. Soon thereafter the more powerful P100D model was announced as its replacement.

Photo: Electric GT Championship

The series was originally planned to start spring 2017, but the dates was continuously pushed further and further back. There was a big presentation during the Autosport Show 2017 in Birmingham, where the race car was shown.

20 cars were announced, which was to be run by 10 teams, but so far we haven’t heard any news about any participating teams.

The series was announced about 10 months prior to the ABB FIA Formula E Championship announcing the Jaguar I-Pace ETrophy, which will be run as sprint races during the Formula E weekends. That is done to get more racing on the time table, where Formula E is currently the only racing going on, except some occasional demonstration of Robo-race, the driverless cars, going around the track.

It will be interesting to follow Electric GT, when they get on the track in November, or if the start dates will get pushed back once again.

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