Toyota 7 loses Pole – 8 gain Pole

Toyota Gazoo Racing #7 has lost their Pole Position due to a procedural error by the team.

That means #8 is promoted to Pole Position, and Rebellion Racing #1 moves into the first row on the starting grid.

The error is related to the Fuel Flow Meter on the car – the one which measures the fuel usage of the engine. The team had listed a wrong barcode for the FIA, but the sensor itself was actually fully functional and working correctly.

Toyota Gazoo Racing #7
Photo: JJ Media

The penalty for the Toyota Gazoo Racing #7 is for them to start the race from the pitlane, one lap after everybody else – and on cold tires.

Toyota did have an advantage compared to the non-hybrid cars in the qualifying today – but do they have enough advantage to still finish the race 1-2? We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow, when the race starts at 13.30 CET.

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