Indycar gets more power

The Indycar drivers will have more horsepower on their hands, when the engine specifications will be upgraded.

It won’t however be until 2021 that the new engine rules will be effective, which is probably the same year, as a new chassis will be introduced. That is yet to be confirmed.

The engines will be upgraded from a 2,2 litres to a 2,4 litres engine. It will still be a V6 Twin-Turbo engine, and it will continue to have Push-To-Pass.

When the driver hits the button, he will have more than 900 bhp to his disposal, while the rev limiter will remain at 12.000 rpm, to make sure the engine will last as long as possible.

Carlos Munoz, Alexander Rossi, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Sage Karam
Photo: / Joe Skibinski

Testing of the new engine will start during Summer 2020, and both Honda and Chevrolet supports the new engine specs.

According to the Indycar officials, they have been in contact with other manufacturers, who also had their say about the new regulations.

2018 is the first year in many years that we had more than 33 engines available for the Indy 500, and the series wants that to be the norm in the coming years – not only for Indy 500, but in general during the season.

This year we have 23 full season entries so far, but an increase to that, would be very welcome amongst the series and the fans.

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