Lots of distruptions in Q2

The second part of the qualifying of the 24-hour of Le Mans was a disrupted affair.

There were two times red flags, as well as a bunch of slow zones.

The first red flag was caused by Ford Chip Ganassi Team UK #67, that drove into the tire wall on Tertre Rouge, shortly after the quali started.

The car glided under braking and went backwards through the gravels, and then hit the tire barrier rear first. Due to debris on the track, the race control chose to throw a red flag.

Ford Chip Ganassi Team UK #67
Photo: JJ Media

Later on Cetilar Villorba Corse #47 had a big accident on the way to the first chicane on the straight. The car came with 325 kph, hitting the armco on the right hand side and went across to the armco on the opposite side. The first pictures showed a totally wrecked car, although sometimes the mechanics can do wonders. But they’ll need to spend a lot of hours repairing the car, if it can be ready for Saturday at all.

Furthermore, we had an off track from SMP Racing #35 at the exit of the Porsche curves, and more spins from Mike Conway in Toyota Gazoo Racing #7.

Sven Müller had a spin on the way to Indianapolis, where he lost the rear side of the car under braking. First he hit the armco on the outside of the track, and after that he ended up in the tire barrier with the left side of the car. They could resolve it with a local slow zone.

CEFC TRSM Racing #6
Photo: JJ Media

Nicolas Lapierre went a bit too hard on a curb, which damaged his rear suspension and he could no longer control the car. It caused him to spin around and bring a lot of gravels to the track. They had to be removed under another slow zone

But apart from all those, there were also laptime improvements. Especially the two CEFC TRSM Racing cars, that improved their times enormously, so they are now only 7 and 7,8 seconds after the quickest Toyota.

In LMP2 category, Graff-SO24 #39 jumped up to sixth place, while their sister car #40 came up to P8.

In the GTE Pro, Porsche #93 moved forward, but still nobody could threaten Bruni’s time from yesterday.

G-Drive Racing #26
Photo: JJ Media

GTE Am continued to be dominated by Dempsey-Proton Racing, with #88 ahead of #77.

Due to all the red flags, Q3 will already be started at 21.30.

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