Inter Europol Competition goes to Asia

When the European Le Mans Series finishes on 28 October, the Inter Europol Competition will pack the cars into containers and ship them to Shanghai.

The Polish team has confirmed their participation in the Asian Le Mans Series 2018/19.

The plan is to race with both their LMP3 cars, where one of them is already complete with Kuba Smiechowski and Martin Hippe, who is amongst the full season drivers in the ELMS, but the team is still looking for drivers for the other car.

The goal is to win the LMP3 category in AsianLMS, which will give the team a LMP2 ticket for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is the ultimate goal for all sportscar teams.

Inter Europol Competition
Photo: JJ Media

Other than ELMS, the team also participates in the VdeV series, which is another European series for LMP3 cars.

The team is currently third in both the drivers and teams standings in the LMP3 Championships in ELMS.

The Asian Le Mans Series will run over 4 rounds from 25 November until 24 February, so the cars will be back in Europe well before the new ELMS season starts.

The next job for Inter Europol Competition will be the European Le Mans Series race at Silverstone, which will be run in the middle of August.

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