Cracked tub at Graff

The mechanics on Graff #39 have a long night ahead.

Jonathan Hirschi crashed the car heavily during the Saturday practice session, and the team wasn’t able to get it ready for qualifying.

It actually turns out now that the tub itself has cracked at the suspension mounting points. That’s a part of the carbon fibre monocoque, and not something that you can just change.

So Graff went to TDS Racing, asking them for permission to borrow their ORECA 07 tub, which they had brought as a spare, and luckily got an OK.

Graff #39
Photo: JJ Media

The TDS mechanics firstly had to remove the pedal box and other spare parts, which weren’t directly related to the monocoque, and then video document every centimetre of the tub, so they know that they get it back in exactly the same conditions after the race tomorrow, as it was previously.

The tub is in G-Drive colours, so the Graff mechanics will either have to get busy with the stickers before the race tomorrow, or it will be a Graff #39 harlequin car, with a bit of G-Drive from TDS Racing (G-Drive) #26 and the usual black, blue, red and white colours.

If only the damage had been on the #40 – that’s the G-Drive coloured of the two Graff cars…

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