Emergency changes both IDEC Sport cars

Both IDEC Sport will start with different driver line-ups this weekend in the European Le Mans Series.

Paul Lafargue has had an accident prior to the weekend, which is of so severe, that he has to go to the hospital for an operation. His father Patrice, won’t be present at the track this weekend either, to be with his son.

IDEC Sport #28
Photo: JJ Media

Paul is usually piloting car #28, while Patrice is in #27. That results in the team having to call up on both team boss/reserve driver Nicolas Minassian for #27, while Gabriel Aubry has been drafted into #28.

Since the team could show medical documents from the hospital, they avoided a fine from the organizers, which is a normal praxis, when a late change of drivers happens.

Racing24-7.net wish all the best to Paul Lafargue, and hope for a speedy recovery.

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