Indycar reignites the display

The NTT IndyCar Series will increase the entertainment and informations for the spectators and the fans, when the 2019 starts.

The series has previously run a display on the roll hoop, which wrote the position of the car, time during a pitstop etc, but that system was removed from the cars in the middle of the 2018 season, since there were some issues with the equipment, which in seldom cases could disturb the car’s electronics.

A deal as signed a deal with MoTeC, so there once again will be informations relayed on the cars themselves.

Ed Jones
Photo: / Stephen King

The system has more possibilities than the old one. Other than the position of the car, and the time during a pitstop, it can write PP when the Push2Pass system is activated. The most important news is for the track officials, in case a car is stranded. Then the display will switch to showing if the engine is running or not, and if the car is in gear. So they can get a quick overview if there are more cars stranded, of who actually needs a tow, or if the gearbox is blocked or don’t want to engage.

There are more light in the new displays, and it can recreate more colours, since the LED display is build in a completely different way.

The display is also known from the IMSA series, where all cars run with it, giving the same informations.

The start of the NTT IndyCar Series season will be in one and a half weeks on the streets of St. Petersburg, on 10 March 2019.

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