Lambo and Ferrari drivers announced

The entries for the ADAC GT Masters 2019 are coming in with a steady flow these days.

GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini and HB Racing Ferrari have also announced their drivers.

The GRT team will once again bring three cars. Mirko Bortolotti, Marco Mapelli, Franck Perera, Christian Engelhart and Rolf Ineichen will all return, while Michele Beretta will be the new face in the team. Beretta has been selected for the junior programme at Lamborghini, so they have opted to put him in one of their best teams, in of the most difficult series in the world. It’s not yet determined about the pairing, but the team will announce those at a later stage.

Sebastian Asch & Luca Ludwig
Photo: HB Racing

Two old teammates will be reunited at HB Racing for the upcoming season. Luca Ludwig switched to HB Racing in 2018, after having raced for Team Zakspeed through several seasons. He raced with Sebastian Asch for two seasons, and now it’s his turn to try a car with centre motor too. Ludwig and Asch won the championship in 2015, while Asch had already won the championship in 2012 together with Maximilian Götz – but both championships with a Mercedes. The two boys have really stepped out of their father’s shadows – they are sons of Roland Asch and Klaus Ludwig. Will the pairing be able to grab the first championship in ADAC GT Masters for Ferrari?

We will get the first indication, when the season starts on 27-28 April in Oschersleben near Magdeburg.

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