Vote for WRT design for Daytona

WRT Speedstar Audi Sport has announced that they will once again run at the Daytona 24 Hours in January 2020.

The Belgian team has made a deal with Audi Canada, for them to run the car, and bring three European drivers, with a single Canadian driver added in.

The double defending winner and new Audi works driver, Italian Mirko Bortolotti will be joined by his likewise double defending co-winner, Swiss driver Rolf Ineichen. They have been racing Lamborghinis for years, but will now try their luck in an Audi.

Audi works driver Dries Vanthoor from Belgium is the third driver in the car, while Daniel Morad from Canada is the final driver. Morad has quite a lot of experience in Audi’s, after having raced for teams like Montaplast by Land-Motorsport. Morad and Vanthoor shared the Land Audi at this year’s edition of the race.

Audi Canada has chosen to let fans vote for the car design. They have made a light and a dark theme out, and voting happens on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

But the two designs are available here too:

Graphics: WRT Speedstar Audi Sport
Graphics: WRT Speedstar Audi Sport

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