Chilton back at Carlin

Max Chilton is back at Carlin for the NTT IndyCar Series 2020.

It will, however, be 2/3 of a season, since the Brit has chosen to skip all the ovals, just like he did post-Indy 500 in 2019.

That makes him present at 12 out of 17 rounds, with the streets of St. Petersburg being the first of those in March.

Max Chilton
Photo: / Joe Skibinski

The former Formula 1 driver has never really found his place in Indycar, despite this being his fifth season. It is always tough to see if it’s all down to the driver, or if the team is part of it, too. Carlin started in Indycar in 2018, and has never had any experienced number one driver, nor have they had an unlimited budget, where they could buy top of the pops equipment. Thinks like that makes the difference of being right at the top, or at the bottom, since all teams use the same chassis, and only have two different engines to choose front.

Carlin’s choice of Chevrolet certainly isn’t a bad choice, since they are defending Indycar and Indy 500 champions.

The team hasn’t announced their oval track replacement yet, nor who will be in the second car alongside Chilton. However, the clock is ticking very fast. There will be media presentation day this Monday, followed by testing, and the cars will be on track in just five weeks’ time in St. Petersburg.

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