Four American cars hand back Le Mans entries

The entry list for the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 has changed quite a bit, over just a few days.

Four North American cars have informed the organizers, that they won’t be making the trip to Le Mans this year, even though they were selected for the race two months ago.

The two Porsche GTE Pro cars from North America has chosen to stay at home and focus on the IMSA championship. That is the same decision by Corvette Racing, who won’t go to France either with their brand new C8.R model.

Both entrants name the date change as part of the reason, with the big racing moving to the weekend just prior to the IMSA round at Mid-Ohio, while the COVID-19 situation, with potential travel restrictions and the economical effects due to some part of the society, not the least the USA being more or less shut down. The reduces the GTE Pro field to just 7 entries, with Risi Competizione and their Ferrari being the only extra entrant, other than the FIA WEC regulars from AF Corse, Porsche and Aston Martin.

Porsche #93
Photo: JJ Media

There has been no update from the ACO, which is the organizing body being the 24 hours race, regarding which cars moves onto the entry list. It’s expected to be ByKolles Racing Team, IDEC Sport (with their second car), High Class Racing (with their second car) and Proton Competition ((with their fourth car) being the four chosen cars, but since neither ACO nor the teams want to confirm anything, we might have to look even further down the list.

Fingers are crossed that there will be no more entries handed back to the organizers, but September is a long way away, and the European Le Mans Series hasn’t even got started yet. So one might fear that more cancellations might hit us due to the global situation.

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