33 entered for 2021

ADAC GT Masters is very at being fully subscribed for the 2021 season, with 33 cars entered per 15 December.

The big German GT series have received entries from 20 different teams, with a total of 8 different brands.

It’s a huge boost for the series, that internally in Germany are fighting with DTM, who is going to jump onto the GT3 concept too in 2021.

There are no entry list released, since it’s up to the teams themselves to announce their programmes, but the organizers inform that there are entries from Audi, BMW, Corvette, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes again, plus Honda and Aston Martin returns to the series, after being away for two and a single season respectively.

Joos Sportwagentechnik Porsche #91
Photo: Gruppe C Photography

It’s no surprise to see Bentley drop off the list, following their announcement of closing their GT3 works programme, and subsequent development of the cars, even though they promise support to their cars.

Joos Sportwagentechnik is a new team to the full season, ready to confirm their participation. They have had a few starts in 2020, and will bring their Porsche 911 GT3 R next year.

The series have signed a new TV deal in their home country, with German RTL and their sister channels going to cover the series instead of Formula 1, that they decided to end. That will potentially bring the series to many more eyes, instead of their previous deal with Sport1. The organizers promise that Live Streaming will still be available – but they haven’t really answered the question if they are going to do the exact same with parallel free choice of German and English commentary, or if the German commentary will be geo-blocked for Germany only, via the RTL streaming service.

The ADAC GT Masters 2021 starts on 14-16 May in Oschersleben.

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