Dubai added to revised schedule

The Asian Le Mans Series has revised the schedule for the upcoming season.

This is the third version, due to the constant COVID-19 stumbles, that the world is facing.

This change isn’t however as big as the two previous changes.

The start of the season has been pushed back one week, and about 100 kilometres to the north. The latest race schedule will start on 13-14 February with two races at Dubai Autodrome, before the series moves to Abu Dhabi and the Yas Marina Circuit in the following weekend.

Yas Marina Circuit
Photo: Asian Le Mans Series

The reasoning behind this change is due to the tougher COVID-19 rules in Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai. It’s possible to serve the 10-day quarantine in Dubai during race week, that otherwise would be needed before an Abu Dhabi entry.

This change has been coordinated with all the teams, so they will save some money on the hotel bookings for team personnel and drivers.

The series explains, that they have full backing from the new 38 entered cars, which is an addition by two since the first entry list was released, less than a month ago.

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