ByKolles continues work on Hypercar

ByKolles Racing Team still have plans for racing their own Hypercar.

The team has raced in sportscars on-off since 2009, where they started running some Audi R10 TDi cars in a couple of seasons, and turned into building their own cars throughout the ’10s.

The new car currently holds the description as PMC Project LMH, but it will get its real designation in due course.

The team has chosen to make a deal with Tom Dillmann and Esteban Guerrieri, who will be the test drivers of the new car. Dillmann has raced for the team for several seasons, including several Le Mans starts, while Guerrieri primarily has been doing touringcars lately in the WTCR, but he has single-seater experience from earlier in his career.

Graphics: ByKolles Racing Team

The first tests for the new car are scheduled to be in the near future, with its race debut planned to happen in 2022.

There had been talks about this race car since Le Mans 2019, and many had hoped for it to be ready for the 2021 season. If it gets ready for 2022, this will bring another car into the top category fight, that already consists of Toyota Gazoo Racing and Glickenhaus with each other own Hypercar, and Peugeot Sport bringing their own Hypercar for the 2022 season.

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