Formula E 2021/22 schedule revealed

ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has revealed the schedule for their upcoming 2021/22 season.

There is however no 2021 about it, since the season will start in Saudi Arabia at the end of January, with a double round.

The series will move to Mexico City, Cape Town, and a not yet announced place in China, before the European part of the schedule will start in April with Italy, Monaco, and Germany.

A not yet announced race will happen in June, before it’s Vancouver, two times New York, and two times London – all within the month of July.

The season will end on 13-14 August in Seoul, where the first South Korean race will happen.

The schedule consists of 16 rounds, which is the biggest so far in Formula E history, but it includes a lot of travel around the world.

Other than the three European races in a row, plus Canada and the US within 14 days, all other rounds will jump from continent to continent.

It is a bit strange, that they don’t plan a route around the world, but has chosen to jump so much between continents, with a series that has the environment in focus with the ban on plastic bottles in the paddock, and with their focus on electrifying mobility.

The full schedule looks like this:

Rd 1 & 2 28 & 29 January 2022 Saudi Arabia Diriyah
Rd 3 12 February 2022 Mexico Mexico City
Rd 4 26 February 2022 South Africa Cape Town
Rd 5 19 March 2022 China TBD
Rd 6 9 April 2022 Italy Rome
Rd 7 30 April 2022 Monaco Monte Carlo
Rd 8 14 May 2022 Germany Berlin
Rd 9 4 June 2022 TBD TBD
Rd 10 2 July 2022 Canada Vancouver
Rd 11 &12 16 & 17 July 2022 USA New York City
Rd 13 & 14 30 & 31 July 2022 United Kingdom London
Rd 15 & 16 13 & 14 August 2022 South Korea Seoul

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