The ultimate motorsports beer

Many motorsports fans likes to have a beer, while they enjoy the sport, no matter if it’s at the track, or in front of the tv screens.

There is a possibility to combine those two things, with a motorsport twist in relation to the beer.

Bie’s Bryghus (brewery) in Hobro, has made a RACE BEER, in collaboration with the home town boy, Tom Kristensen.

The pilsner has 5,6% alcohol, and is sold in 50 cl. bottles around Denmark, in both shops and various restaurants near Hobro.

Photo: Bie’s Bryghus

The beer itself has a special label, which is designed by Helga Art, showing not only Tom Kristensen, his Audi R18 race car, but also a view of Hobro.

But that is not the only special thing about the beer. For each beer being sold, there is a donation of 2 Danish kroner for the KidsAid charity. KidsAid is supporting kids with not only health issues like cancer diagnoses, but also psychological challenges or rare diseases. Tom Kristensen is involved in that project as well.

You can either buy the beer at Bie’s Restaurant in Hobro, or order is online at ByFlou. The beer is currently so much in demand, that there is three weeks backorder. It’s currently priced at 5,33 Euro per bottle, plus shipping, and it’s being shipped to several countries around the world.

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