Lequien – Enviromental challenges

Racing24-7.net had the pleasure to spend half an hour with the head of LMEM, Frederic Lequien, who is running the FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series and the Asian Le Mans Series.

We chose to split the interview into several pieces, which contain different subjects.

Everybody is looking into the environmental challenges for the future. What is the plan for LMEM regarding the future?

“The decision we took about the renewable fuel in the FIA WEC and ELMS – this is something really concrete that we do. But it’s not enough. We also have this project about Hydrogen – H24.

Mission H24, Imola 2022
Photo: JJ Media

For a few years, prior to the 24 Hours of Le Mans start, the H24 car has done A lap prior to the race. So many fans may think – Ok, it can do one lap, but can it do an endurance race? So yes, it’s good to show the car and the technology, but it’s just done one lap – how can they ever do 24 hours?

“They finished the race in Imola! It was impossible until Imola, but they finished the race. It’s a laboratory, and maybe we need to explain more, that the target is not to finish all the races, and to beat the other competitors. Do you know how much we invest in this? I’m sorry to say that, but we are the only ones to do that!”

But the 250.000 spectators at Le Mans only saw one lap…

“Yes, I agree with that. Which is the problem when you have this new project. Tires – I discussed them with some people. You can not imagine the effort, that they are doing at the moment to integrate some renewable components in the tire. We do a lot for that. But I don’t want to say too much about that – I prefer to do it, instead of talk only.”

Thanks a lot to Frederic Lequien for taking the time to answer the questions.

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