Nurburgring 24hr Day Practice 1

As the rain eased off slightly, the cars took to the green hell slightly delayed and with barrier repairs still occurring at some areas of the track.

24h Nürburgring 2018 – Foto: Gruppe C Photography; #066 Mercedes-AMG GT4, Black Falcon Team Identica: Carlos Gomez, Stefan Karg, Fidel Leib, Kim-Luis Schramm

Disaster on the out lap for #42 Lexus as the engine let go in dramatic fashion.

A storming first 20 minutes of the session for Adrien de Leener in the #15 Audi setting a 09:12 – 17 seconds clear of the field.
Relatively clean running, but about half an hour into the session we saw an intervention vehicle out at Hohe Acht.
Also worth noting the track conditions really suiting the #90 Subaru running in class SP3T; Tim Schrick cleanly inside the top 20 with an hour left to go.

Interesting strategy from Alex Sims in the Rowe BMW which came out of the pits along with everyone else at the start, but has only been completing laps of the GP track.
As the weather system returned, we spotted through an onboard camera a car pulled off to the side along the Antoniusbuche straight.
Spin and a three-point turn for Schelp in the #96 Porsche at Brünnchen with 40 minutes remaining.

No change at the top, but Dries Vanthoor had moved into 2nd with the WRT Audi closing the gap to 10 seconds.

24h Nürburgring 2018 – Foto: Gruppe C Photography; #008 Audi R8 LMS, Audi Sport Team WRT: Rene Rast, Robin Frijns, Dries Vanthoor, Kelvin van der Linde

Impressive showing for the #831 Hyundai TCR machine with Andreas Gulden holding 19th overall for most of the session.
#134 Cayman bought out a slow zone at Metzgesfeld to welcome the final half hour, Alberto Carobbio behind the wheel.
At the other side of the track, we saw the #52 BMW M4 being taken through Döttinger Höhe on the end of a toe rope,

It took until the final 15 minutes of the session before the real times started coming – Michael Christensen in the #17 Team 75 Porsche leading the top 6 all under 9 minutes.

#80 SP6 class Porsche bought out a slow zone at Döttinger Höhe, the driver was able to get started again without assistance, so waved the rescue vehicle away – which was a mistake as the car only made it half way down the straight before failing again.
The #831Hyundai after earlier promise ended the session in the gravel at Dunlop Kurve.

4 cars at the head of the field got their slick tyres to work enough to get below 08:30
#35 Gtronix Renault RS01
#12 Manthey Porsche
#99 Rowe BMW M6
#16 Landgraf Mercedes

17th overall was the SP-Pro class Lexus
26th was the SP7 leader #31 Frikadelli Porsche (26th Overall)
28th went to the Mercedes GT4 #190 leading class SP8T
33rd was Peter Terting in the fastest TCR #831 Hyundai
34th overall was the Phoenix Audi R8 SP10/GT4 class leader
39th for the Porsche Cayman Cup leading #310 Schmickler Performance car
46th was the final class leader in the top 50 – BMW M235i Cup #244 Hofor/Bonk collaboration

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