Test penalties applied to Ferrari

Ferrari and their AF Corse Hypercar teams have received penalties for an error that they have during testing.

The teams were in Abu Dhabi on 5 and 6 February 2024, to test ahead of the season, and during that test, there was over consuming of tires by car #50, #51 and #83.

The tire limit is 24 tires per car, per day. There was used 60 tires for car each of car #50 and #51, so that was a beach of 12 tires. Those 12 tires will be deducted from the total of 120 tires per car for the season, for works teams.

AF Corse Ferrari #83
Photo: JJ Media

Privateers have more tires to use during the season – but car #83 used a total of 64 when still only being allowed 24 per day. So their allocation for the season has been reduced from 200 to 184.

The tire limitation is put in place, so it limits the costs for the teams, just as the limit of testing days is.

Ferrari accept that they have made a mistake in declaring the test as a Manufacturer test day, which they have three of for 2024. If they had declared it as an endurance test, they could have used the actual 60 tires per car for that test, while car #83 only would have been “only” four tires over the limit.

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