Nielsen: We have covered a lot of milage in a short amount of time

The new season of the FIA World Endurance Championship starts this week at Sebring.

Ferrari AF Corse is not a new marque in ACO racing, but they are brand new to the Hypercar category in 2023, with their brand new Ferrari 499P in LMH spec.

We had a chat with Ferrari works driver Nicklas Nielsen, regarding the introduction and testing over the last few months.

You have been testing a lot over the last few months – half a year or so – since the car first came on track. Have you been to every single test, that the team has done, or has it been selected with certain drivers at certain tests?

“Actually, before the announcement of the drivers, all the drivers who have been involved in Ferrari programmes have been there. And obviously, after the announcement of the line-ups, we have been mainly focusing on the drivers in the championship. So far, everyone who has been involved, has been testing the car.”

There has already been a lot of mileage done with the car already.

“If we look at where we started in July, we have covered a lot of mileage in a short amount of time, so I think that we be very pleased with that.”

And do a lot of miles here at Sebring as well.

“Yes, we have.”

Nicklas Nielsen
Photo: JJ Media

The team also tested at Sebring in the week between the Daytona ROAR and the 24-hour race itself. Nielsen was one of the drivers driving an LMP2 car at Daytona, so the speed differential wasn’t that great.

“Yeah the transition was quite smooth, let’s say.”

An LMH car is a very advanced car compared to the spec LMP2 chassis, since there is a hybrid system onboard the 499P.

“Systems wise it’s quite different compared to the LMP2, where the is not so much to handle. But it’s the same with all the other cars, that I’ve driven – once you get into the rhythm, you kinda get used to it, and then it’s more like a habit.”

And the car pace is not so much different compared to LMP2.

“It’s always the same – when you drive a GT car, and you drive that one on the limit, it feels fast. And obviously, when you get passed by the LMH, you feel the speed difference. But when you jump into the LMH, and you have been doing a hundred laps in the LMH, you don’t really feel that speed difference anymore. So you just kinda adapt.”

Nicklas Nielsen will share car #50 with Miguel Molina and Antonio Fuoco throughout the season.

The opening round of the FIA WEC 2023 races this Friday with the 1000 Miles of Sebring – or 8 hours, whichever time or distance comes first.

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