Gibson continues in LMP2

The future for the LMP2 engines has been announced.

It will once again be Gibson Technology, who will deliver the engines for the popular prototypes.

The deal is for five more seasons, starting in 2026, and will be a 4,2 liter naturally aspirated 4,2 liter V8, just like the current GK428 engine is.

This is an exclusive deal, just like the one that Gibson got in 2017, when the current generation of LMP2 cars were introduced.

Gibson GK428
Photo: Gibson Technology

Prior to that, there was a free choice of engine manufacturer, as well as chassis manufacturer, but that was limited in 2017, which made the companies who wasn’t chosen, quite unhappy. From then on, it was only ORECA, Ligier, Dallara and Riley (now Multimatic), who were allowed to build LMP2 chassis. They all deliver to what was DPi cars, and now the new LMDh version, where each manufacturer puts their own engine and bodywork on the cars.

The current pool of engines are about 50, which are rotating between the teams on a lease basis, where you run an engine for a certain milage, and then Gibson will take the engine back and overhaul it, while you get another renovated one.

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