ByKOLLES upgraded for 2017

Team ByKOLLES Racing will arrive with big upgrades for the 2017 season.

The small German privateer team has been competing in the FIA WEC with their CLMP1/01 car in the LMP1 class, where they until now have been battling with Rebellion Racing about the privateer championship.

This year, however, they will be sole privateer in LMP1, but has still chosen to come with some quite significant changes to the car.

The aerodynamic on the car has been improved, and the design team has managed to save a lot of weight on the car too, after a lot of mechanical components have been redesigned.

Team ByKOLLES Racing
Photo: JJ Media

But the most essential change is that the team goes away from the AER engine and instead will use a Nissan Nismo VRX 30A Evo, which is the same kind of engine that Nissan used for their LMP1 programme in 2015. The engine is a V6 3,0 litre turbo engine.

Furthermore the team has plans to build and sell more CLMP1/01 to costumers from 2018 onwards. It will be possible to fit different engines to the car, according to what the teams prefer. ByKOLLES is already starting to open up for orders for new cars now.

The driver line-up for 2017 hasn’t been announced yet, but we will get to know at least one of the names, when the FIA WEC entry list will be announced in a bit over a week’s time.

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