More details about the Peugeot Le Mans programme

Peugeot Sport has released more details about the upcoming Le Mans programme.

They have made a deal with Total, where they will develop a Le Mans Hypercar, with a hybrid system. So this will not be an LMDh programme, since that category doesn’t have as much technical freedom as LMH.

Graphics: Peugeot Sport

The cars will be four-wheel driver, with the hybrid part of 200 kW on the front wheels, while the regular internal combustion engine of about 300 kW, to power the rear wheel. That will bring a total of 680 bhp, once both systems are activated.

Graphics: Peugeot Sport

Peugeot has released some graphics, which is the current design idea, with the actual development work soon will start in the wind tunnel, so the car can be ready for the 2022 season.

Graphics: Peugeot Sport

The car will be five meters long, and two meters wide, which is 35 centimetres longer than the current LMP1 cars, and 20 centimetres wider.

The development stage is still very early, so the physical car doesn’t exist yet, nor anything regarding the drivers.

When the programme was announced earlier in the year, it was with a collaboration with Rebellion Racing. Rebellion has opted to pull out of motorsport since then, by the end of 2020, so Peugeot needs a new partner, to run the programme.

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