Approximately 50.000 spectators allowed at Le Mans

Automobile Club de l’Ouest has announced, that there will be access for approximately 50.000 spectators at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The race, which has been pushed back to 21-22 August 2021, will run at 20% capacity compared to normal years, since the COVID-19 still puts a damper on events.

All spectators showing up to the track, will have to bring a Health Passport, to be able to get into the circuit.

There will be free access for people under 16 years, while there will be free grandstands for children under 8. However, that is only if you buy directly at ACO, and not through travel companies.

Le Mans 2019
Photo: JJ Media

There will be no concerts, like we know from previous years, nor will there be any driver parade in the town centre, plus the scrutineering and the test day prior to the event, will be without spectators.

Other things that you should expect, is that there will be no access to the Village and paddock area, where the drivers are.

The 2020 race was pushed back from June to September, and was run completely without spectators, The 2021 race was waiting for some time, until ACO decided to push the race back to August, to have a bigger chance of letting spectators in. That turns out to be the correct decision, since the current health numbers in Pays de la Loire region still don’t allow big gatherings.

There is still quite some time until August, so we don’t know yet, if there will be zone limitations, like it was on the drawing board for the 2020 edition, neither do we know if there are unlimited access to all areas other than Village and paddock.

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