Nine constructors approved for Formula E

FIA has announced the nine constructors who has got their powertrains approved for FIA Formula E Championship for 2018/19 onwards.

The 9 constructors are:

ABT Formel E
DS Automobiles
Jaguar Land Rover
Mahindra Racing
Penske Autosport
Venturi Automobiles

There are two big surprises on the list. Or rather, one on the list, and one who isn’t.

Photo: LAT Photographic / Formula E via Getty Images

Mercedes had previously said that they wanted to enter the FIA Formula E Championship from 2018/19, but they are not on the list as a constructor for the powertrains.

Instead we have BMW on the list. The German brand has supported the series since its start, where they among others have delivered the Safety Car for the championship.

It is hard to imagine Mercedes enter with another powertrain in the car, especially when their worst competitors on their home market, Audi and BMW, enter with their own equipment.

The 2018/19 season will also be the season with a brand new chassis.

These nine constructors have their powertrains homologated for three seasons, while the ones entering in 2019/20 only have two years, and 2020/21 for a single season homologation. That is because the chassis and batteries are homologated for three seasons, and the choice of powertrain has to follow these three years. So for 2021/22 everything will be open again.

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