New cars to be introduced in the Asian Le Mans Series

New cars will be introduced in the Asian Le Mans Series, when the 2019/20 starts in the fall 2019.

The latest generation of LMP2 car will be able to race in the series from next season onwards.

When the new cars were introduced in the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series in 2017, they let the older version of the cars continue in the Asian pendant. That was to help the series get going, since a lot of old cars suddenly were out of use.

That partly helped the series – even though several teams opted to get brand new cars made to the 2016 specification, so they still would have a never previously raced chassis.

4h of Fuji 2018
Photo: Asian Le Mans Series

With the big bloom of entries in especially the 2018/19 season, it’s the right time to introduce the new cars, so the ELMS teams can pack their cars into containers, when the season ends en Europe, and then use them for four weekends over the winter, before getting prepared for the 2020 ELMS season.

There will still be room for the older generation of cars, since the LMP2 Am Trophy will continue with the old cars, while the “top class” with the Pro-Am mix in LMP2, will be allowed to use the new cars.

Two Le Mans tickets will still be handed out for the LMP2 cars – one of the overall LMP2 category and one for the LMP2 AM Trophy Champion team.

The 2018/19 Asian Le Mans Series is currently at its halfway point, with the rounds in Thailand and Malaysia still to come.

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