Indonesia new Formula E country

ABB FIA Formula E Championship will add another new country to the schedule, when the series goes to Indonesia in 2020.

The race on 6 June will be run on the streets of Jakarta, which is one of the most traffic congested cities in the world. The most common form of transport isn’t cars but motorbikes, but it still adds to poor air quality.

So there is a big need of thinking green in this specific country, and the hope is to put focus on that by running an electric race in the city.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Photo: ABB FIA Formula E

It’s still unknown what influence today’s announcement will have on the rest of the schedule. There was a TBA date in December, but more importantly, the original plan was to run in Berlin the week prior to this Indonesia date, and in New York two weeks later. That’s a lot of travelling in a short space of time. So we have to wait and see if it turns out that way.

The 2019/20 season of ABB FIA Formula E Championship starts on 22-23 November i Saudi Arabia.

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