Yes, there is racing going on now

The sports world has come to a crashing halt for the most part due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Formula One, WEC, IMSA, NASCAR, Indycar, and other major series cancelling or postponing events, as are football leagues around the world, and the NBA, NHL, and Major League baseball in North America.
But fear not race fans, there is still great racing action to be watched, on Youtube. First, there is the Diecast Racing League, racing Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Tomica 1:64 scale cars on Hot Wheels type tracks, including a rally track. The production values are spectacular, with numerous camera angles, two commentators, and great sound effects. Short attention span? No problem. Each race lasts about 20 seconds You can even participate. Contact the owners through the Diecast Racing League website, tell them what you have and what series you want to compete in, and they will get back to you. You’ll have to send them your car or cars, but you will be featured in a race with your chosen team name. Here are the links to their Youtube channel and website.

Diecast racing is not the only thing going on right now. There is also Marbula One Grand Prix. These are races involving marbles, and the production values and commentary are right there with the Diecast Racing League. The track is downhill of course, since, as with the Diecast cars, it’s all about gravity. But where the diecast cars end at the bottom of the hill, Marbula One has a winch system which brings the marbles back to the starting line so they can have multi-lap races. Again, very entertaining and enjoyable. Here’s the link to their Youtube channel.

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