Iron Lynx does win afterall

Iron Lynx is the winner of the 4 Hours of Monza in European Le Mans Series 2022.

The team was disqualified shortly after the race finished, since the Ferrari #60 didn’t drive back to Parc Ferme under it’s own power, but was pushed by the team car #83.

The car was low on fuel, so they chose to cut the engine, and get help from the sister car, so there still would be enough fuel left for a fuel sample in Parc Ferme.

The stewards saw that as a breach of Parc Ferme rules, since somebody had “touched” the car, prior to the post-race scrutineering, which ended up in a disqualification.

Iron Lynx Ferrari #60
Photo: JJ Media

The team immediately appealed that decision, since they didn’t see it is a beach of the rules, since it only was about a push back to the pitlane, so the car wouldn’t have to be retrieved by the marshals, but just push it back, so the team was able to celebrate around the car.

The team won the appeal, and was handed a fine of 10.000 Euro.

So they have been handed the 25 back for the Monza win, which moves them into second in the championship standings with 49 points, while Proton Competition Porsche #77 loses 7 points, and moved down to 62 points. That puts the #60 back into the title fight, which continues this weekend at Spa Francorchamps.

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